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Frequently asked questions about e-bikes

How do you drive an e-bike? As a regular bike gear changes. Additionally the e-bike has a knob which can be selected at any time the level of assistance.
It is recommended climb and low speed gears on hills to improve engine efficiency and battery life.
What is an e-bike pedal assist? It is a bicycle that has an electric motor that assists the rider’s pedaling. This can select the level of assistance they want at any given time depending on their physical condition, slope, speed aspiring to achieve or whim. Of course, the use of one or the other level has direct effect on the battery life.
Is it hard to ride an e-bike? It is even easier than in a conventional bicycle pedaling because help is very progressive and is proportional to the pedal itself, favoring overcoming slopes that would be very laborious for people without physical preparation
What speed can reach? The speed is not regulated, but the power assist stops at 25 km / h. So from that speed all the push we do with the pedals.
How much does it weigh? Depending on the model, between 18 and 24 kg. including batteries and motor.
Can it work without the pedal cyclist? No. At the time when pedaling is stopped, the motor is switched.
What autonomy has a e-bike? It depends on the efficiency of the engine, battery capacity and the assistance required by the rider? The batteries most capable of 560 Wh, as Verdebike use in support runs of more than 100 km in flat and low attendance, or more than 1000 m. elevation climb in high attendance. Tours of 50 km going up than 500 m elevation are well assumable.
What clothes should I prepare? The same you  use to make a walking tour, considering the time of year. A windbreaker is advisable to always
What must I care un a  e-bike? The greatest risk to the e-bike is that the motor is submerged in water, so you have to be careful not to go through deep puddles or dropping the bike in wet areas.


Frequently asked questions about mountain bike

Are they too tired paths? They come in all the hardships and difficulties and are ranked our specific information between levels 0 and 3. To make a level 0 Btt activity is not necessary to be in a particular physical form. Level 3 activities are designed for people who ride bicycles or other aerobic sport practiced regularly.
What gear should I bring? Own clothes each season and adding a windbreak hours if possible. The most suitable footwear would be one trekking shoes and at least one sport. It is important to bring sunscreen and water in a bottle or bottle gourd. Our bikes are equipped with stand where you can place it in comfort. It is also convenient, field trips Level 1 onwards llear some food as an energy bar.
What are the downhill tracks? On downhill´s tracks we got on a high point with a vehicle and a trailer with bikes and from there begin a journey that will fundamentally down although they all have some part of the upstroke. They are fun and less strenuous activities than other mountain bike programs.

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