Bike Rental terms & conditions

1. The rider obeys to the local traffic regulations, agrees to ride safely and with consideration for all other users of the trail. I will wear a helmet at all times, however I understand that wearing a helmet does not guarantee my safety.

2. The hirer of any bicycle/ helmet/ pads etc must accept total responsibility for the safe custody and return of the bike, against any loss/ damage, howsoever caused during the specified period of hire.  Any damage to the bike/ equipment must be paid for. This will include snapped chains, buckled wheels, as well as any crash damages, plus breakage of any component that requires replacement for it to function correctly. Parts are charged at cost price.

3. Bikes are prepared for each hire. If you have any problems regarding your hire, please inform us within 30 minutes.

4. Mountain biking is a hazardous sport. The customer is aware that mountain biking, riding over naturals terrain on varying surfaces and environmental conditions, involves great risks & dangers and accepts that the Verde Bike is not responsible of any incident that might occur during the mountain biking with Verde Bike. While riding you may encounter risks and hazards, including other bikers, joggers, hikers and wild life. Loose gravel and dirt, wet surfaces, bumps, forest growth and rocks. Trails maybe steep and narrow; ride within your own ability and regulate your speed accordingly.

5. I understand that crashes and collisions which may cause serious injury can occur regardless of skill level. In consideration of participating in the risk in the above named activity. I take all responsibility for any damage to property or injury to myself or to others, which may be associated with the result of my activities. Included but not limited to, any mountain biking related activities.

6. I hereby fully release, indemnify and hold harmless Verde Bike, representatives, agents, affiliates, officers, directors and employees of and from any liability, claim, demands, and causes of action whatsoever for any loss, damage, injury, illness or harm of any kind and nature arising or related in to mountain biking and the mountain bike rental

7. I agree that I (or if applicable, my child) will be the only person using the equipment identified during the rental duration. 

8. I have carefully read this agreement and understand that this is a release of liability that will legally prevent me from recovering in any lawsuit or in connection with any other legal claim damages in the event of any injury to me. I nevertheless enter into this agreement freely and voluntarily and agree that is binding upon me, assigns and legal representatives.

9. Parental consent. All riders under 18 are required to have a parent or legal guardian read and sign the terms & conditions. The parent or legal guardian and the rider have read and understood and agree to comply with the terms & conditions. 

download the Price list replacement parts for the  KTM Ultra XC & Ebikes, the Kona & Commencal Bikes here