VB1 MTB Easy Family route

- Castejón de Sos - Aeropuerto - Castejón de Sos - El Run -

length: 10.85 km up 138 meter down 138 meter 
ideal for families with young kids from 6 - 12 years old


This trails starts and ends in Castejon de Sos and is developed for families with young kids from 6 - 12 year old. 

The route exists of 2 figure 8 loops. Th first figure 8 loop runs just north of Castejón de Sos. It is a wide dirt roads on the bottom of the valley with beautiful views all around. During the loop you pass the small airport and the training and landing zone for parenting. You might be lucky and see some parapenters landing or a small airplane taking off. This first figure 8 loop might be enough for the smallest ones. 

The second figure 8 loop runs south of Castejón and passes the village of El Run with its freshwater fountain for a refreshing drink. This loop takes a little more effort. The first part brings you to El Run. Passed the fountain you do a small climb with a hermitage on top of the climb with a short descent that brings you back to the village. After you have crossed the main road and the river, we make our way back to Castejón via some meadows and some true singletracks that goes up and down above the Castejón village. The final descent brings us back to Castejón, when after crossing the bridge on the bottom of the descent you take a hard left to enjoy the last bit of dirt road before returning to the main street of Castejón de Sos. 


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