VB3 MTB Medium Family route

- Castejón de Sos - Villanova - Sos -

length: 16.57 km up 356 meter down 356 meter
ideal for families with teens from 12 - 19 years old


This trails starts and ends in Castejón de Sos and is developed for families that want to explore the Benasque Valley, it's villages and enjoy the beautiful views of the Valley. 

The terrain is a mix of road, dirt road and a bit of singletrack. 

The ride starts with a small loop south of Castejón de Sos. You start on a nice dirt road before we take a hard left into a meadow with some trees for shadow. After you crossed the meadow you climb your way up to some rocky parts to a nice singletrack which winds trough forrest and fields. A descent brings us back to Castejón, when after crossing the bridge on the bottom of the descent you take a hard left onto another dirt road before returning to the main street of Castejón de Sos. 

Now we will turn left and for the next 15 minutes (3 km) we ride on asphalt road. First in the village then on the A-139 towards Benasque. (make sure you always ride behind each other on the A-139.) After 1,8 km on the A-139 we cross the road and enter a great forrest dirt road that will bring us to Villanova. 

The dirt road goes up and down in a gentle way and sometimes the forrest opens up for you to enjoy the views over the valley. Once we arrive in Villanova don't forget to walk around the old village and again enjoy the landscape around you. We take a asphalt descent down to the bottom of the village where you can have something to drink or eat in Hotel Barrau. 

After the pitstop we cross the A-139 again end after crossing the bridge ver the Ésera river we climb to Sos ( if you are already tired at this point you can take the PR-HU86 back to Castejón de Sos, which is a really nice singletrack). The climb to Sos is steep and brings you from 950 meter to 1150 meter on a small winding asphalt road. Just before Sos your efforts are rewarded with a super fun windy dirt road to the valley bottom. Don't forget to stop along the way to enjoy the amazing views. 

Ones at the bottom you take a left and via the fields and the local airport you make your way back to Castejón de Sos. 


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