VB6 MTB Easy Family downhill 

- Ampriu - Ramastué - Sos - Castejón de Sos -

length: 23 km up 200 meter down 1198 meter 
ideal for families with teens above 12 old that have some normal biking experience 
extra: a shuttle service will bring you up to Ampriu at 1910 meter


This trails starts in Ampriu at 1910 meters and ends in Castejón de Sos at 956 meters and is developed for families with kids from 12 years old that some biking experience.

Before you start take in the amazing views around you and try to spot some marmots. You start in the open alpine terrain that slowly brings you down over a rocky dirt road, but nothing technical. After the dirt road winds down you cross a wooden bridge from here it goes up for a view hundred meters, nothing to steep. After a little descending we take a left on a more defined dirt road.

You follow this dirt road with a gentle gradient for the next 10 km. It winds around the mountains passing a skilift and through the forests. Take you time and don’t miss out on the views at place where the forest opens up. The dirt road ends at a little tarmac road from where you have to climb to Ramastué. Take a little brake here, look for the water fountain to refill your water bottle.

Just outside of Ramastué you take a right turn. Here starts a really fun downhill over a dirt road. It is a windy road with lots of turns through a mix of fields and forest. This dirt road drops us in Sos, which is worth a stop. Or you continue the downhill by crossing the road just before Sos. Now the dirt turns red of all the iron in the soil. Don't forget to stop along the way to enjoy the amazing views.  A final rollercoaster dirt road drops you at the bottom of the valley. 

Ones at the bottom you take a left and via the fields and the local airport you make your way back to Castejón de Sos.


Download the GPX of this trail