VB7 MTB Family downhill 

- Llanos de Hospital - Benasque - Castejón de Sos -

length: 30.99 km up 185 meter down 941 meter 
ideal for families with teens above 15 years old that have some mountain bike experience
extra: a shuttle service will bring you up to Llanos the Hospital at 1732 meter


This trails starts in Llanos de Hospital at 1732 meters and ends in Castejón de Sos at 956 meters and is developed for families with kids from 15 years old that some mountain bike experience.

This 31 km trail starts all the way back in the Benasque valley at Llanos de Hospital. Before you take of make sure you suck in the views of the magical plus 3000 meter mountains around you. 

You start on the tarmac road and after 1 km you take a left on the dirt road which brings you to the majestic building of Baños de Benasque, where a tiny tarmac road drops you in a beautiful open plane where you take a left back up on a dirt road. The dirt road meanders up and down around the Ésera river until the Paso Nuevo dam lake. From here the dirt road drops down to the bottom of the dam. 

A km passed the bottom of the dam you take a right up on a singletrack that passes Camping Aneto, which is also the starting point of some beautiful hike to the Estos mountain hut over the GR11. You continue on a mix of singletrack and dirt road to the village of Benasque. Her you can have a brake for a refreshment and have a look around in this nice outdoor village. 

Leaving Benasque you continue over back roads passing the villages of Antilles, Linoles and Eriste where we ride around the Linsoles dam lake. After you passed the dam it is time for some singletrack again that will bring you to Sesué. The end is near but not before you get treated on some really nice and flowy singletrack that goes up and down next to the Ésera river. The singletrack ends just before the little airport of Castejon de Sos. The final view km's go through the fields over a wide dirt road ending in Castejón de Sos.


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